Aaron Shagrin

Executive Management
Vice President of Licensing

Aaron Shagrin has over 20 years of experience guiding hardware and software products from concept through execution and launch. In addition, he has monetized intellectual property portfolios, directed venture investment and driven mergers and acquisitions He joined Fallbrook as Vice President of Licensing and Business Development in January 2017 reporting directly to Sharon O’Leary. He has been part of the founding team of two technology startups which were both acquired.

Before joining Fallbrook, Aaron worked as an independent technology executive consultant with clients that included Fallbrook, Digital Certainty, and Ocean Tomo. Previously, he served as Senior Portfolio Director at Intellectual Ventures for four years, where he led investment and a highly successful monetization strategy for a portfolio of patents in the areas of semiconductor, computing, and consumer electronics. 

Prior to Intellectual Ventures, Aaron was first the Director, Business Development & Ecosystem and then the Director of Product Management at Freescale Semiconductor where he focused on industrial and general embedded markets for applications processor and microprocessor product line.

Aaron began his career as an Associate at the Austin Technology Incubator, served as a co-founder of eCertain Corporation and then an Associate at Triton Ventures. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas at Austin.