Sharon A. O'Leary

Executive Management
President and Chief Operating Officer
Sharon O’Leary joined Fallbrook in September 2010. Prior to Fallbrook, she had nearly 30 years of strategic legal, operational and business development experience through a number of executive leadership roles at large telecommunications and cable companies. She has a successful track record of delivering results and profitable growth for organizations of all sizes. 
Her initial Fallbrook position was as Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, and in January 2016, she assumed the role of Chief of Staff before being promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer in January 2017. Sharon reports directly to William G. Klehm III and has responsibility for managing all areas of Fallbrook other than Finance.  
Sharon began her career as an assistant deputy attorney general for the New York State Organized Crime Task Force. She then served in a variety of legal capacities for U.S. West, was a partner at Browning, Kaleczyc, Berry & Hoven, P.C. in Helena, Montana, and became the Vice President – Law at MediaOne Group, Inc. when it was spun off from U.S. West. In 2000, Sharon became the Senior Vice President & General Counsel for LoneTree Capital Management, a private equity fund formed by former MediaOne executives. She subsequently joined TeleTech Holdings, Inc., a customer relationship management firm, as Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary. In 2005, Vonage Holdings Corp. hired Sharon as its first in-house general counsel, and she assumed a leadership role in managing the provision of all legal support necessary to take the company public. Immediately before joining Fallbrook, Sharon served as the General Counsel at Phorm, Inc., working in the London office. Phorm was a digital technology company providing contextual advertising software. 
Sharon holds a Bachelor’s Degree cum laude from Dominican College, and a J.D. cum laude from New York Law School.