NuVinci® Optimized Bike Products

NuVinci® technology for cycling products is developed, managed, and sold by enviolo, a division of Fallbrook. Formerly known as NuVinci® Cycling, enviolo is “The Moving Standard” for bicycles and e-bikes today. enviolo's stepless and automatic shifting products incorporate NuVinci technology to create a unique riding experience making it simpler, more fun, safer, and healthier.

enviolo’s stepless and automatic shifting benefits are now available in five different group sets. All group sets consist of a NuVinci Optimized™ transmission and controller, specifically designed for their use cases: city, trekking, sportive, cargo, and commercial.

enviolo is a division of Fallbrook Technologies Inc., operating under the name "NuVinci Cycling" until December 2017. The enviolo headquarters are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

enviolo has its own, separate website ( available in English, Dutch, and German.