NuVinci® Technology

Increased fuel economy, improved performance and a smoother ride experience…it’s all possible with a transmission powered by NuVinci CVP Technology. From light electric vehicles to heavy duty on and off-road vehicles,

NuVinci technology offers engineers a canvas to deliver capabilities, performance and economy never before commercially available.

NuVinci® CVP Technology
NuVinci® CVP Technology

Info for OEMs – On Road / Off Road

As more people discover the significant benefits of NuVinci technology, Fallbrook Technologies will continuously be identifying partners to help develop, validate and commercialize the technology for the best performing, most versatile and most reliable mechanical power transmissions in the world. To achieve this, Fallbrook’s partnering program is designed to work with companies known for industry leading expertise and to create a community of technology around the NuVinci CVP.

By sharing technology, implementation techniques and innovations, Fallbrook and it partners will ultimately speed the adoption and expansion of NuVinci technology to:

  • Enhance vehicle performance and the user experience
  • Enable new functionality for existing and first-time applications
  • Improve fuel economy and/or energy consumption in the operation of the end product
  • Provide a sustainable competitive advantage

Currently, Fallbrook is in various stages of discussions, development agreements and/or licensing partnerships with companies in its primary target industries.  See below for more information on some members of  our rapidly growing community of NuVinci technology partners.   Confidentiality requirements prevent us from listing other currenbt or potential partners..

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